Fashion Illustration
August 4, 2012

This newest piece was mainly to look at my favourite feature – the hairdo – but I ended up using the whole thing as a shading exercise, challenging myself to use only an HB propelling pencil and just do what I could with it!  Unfortunately the Ryman’s sketch book I was using wasn’t up to it and the paper ripped slightly in the hair section.  Luckily this doesn’t show up in a photograph, so it could have been worse!  Great pencil though – I would definitely recommend the Rotring Tikky for its comfort and precision.

Next I’ll be looking to do a full-figure illustration in pencil, just to get a bit of variety in there!

This lady is imaginary and sketched on A3 paper.  Check her out here in my gallery alongside my other creations.  (Images can be viewed larger by clicking on the fullscreen button in the bottom right of the gallery)