Hollywood Wedding Invitations
June 25, 2012

The day has arrived when I can finally display the work I have done on a fantastic, Hollywood themed wedding!  Hooray! It was all to be done on a tight budget, so unfortunately that ruled out some beautiful processes such as letterpress and hot foiling.  However, with a bit of creative ingenuity a glamorous look was achieved.

The black and white stripes had significance in two aspects – firstly, it incorporated two of the main colours used throughout the wedding and secondly, they were inspired by a photograph of Marilyn Monroe (the epitome of 1950s Hollywood) in a striped dress.  I also tried to fit in the couple’s love of body art by illustrating the invitations with two, tattoo-style swallows.  The accent colours of baby pink and cream were also predominant in the flowers, dresses and so on.  The use of large diamonds is fairly self-explanatory!

The table plan was designed along a similar vein, in keeping with the invitations but without the satin ribbon. Each table was allocated a Hollywood movie star, complete with a striped star and diamond.  The bride and groom’s likenesses have also been immortalised on the board, to add a personalised feel.

To go with the table plan image, I designed and created large pink stars that would sit on each table.  Decorated with gold and black glitter these pieces really caught the attention of the guests.  In addition, each guest had their own miniature Hollywood Star, cut from wood and marked with their name and a diamond.  More pictures from this commission appear in my gallery here.  Please click on the ‘fullscreen’ button in the bottom left of the gallery to view the images to their full potential!