“Save The Penguins” Stop-Frame Animation
September 24, 2012

Save The Penguins by Urban Reiver from Urban Reiver on Vimeo.

After much fussing around and hours spent pulling out my hair (well, some of it), I have finally managed to get a video on here.  Hooray!  It is my first ever animation (round of applause please) and to be honest it was created for a bit of fun to pass the time on a cold, wet weekend.  And who doesn’t love trying out new things?

This ‘bit of fun’ ended up taking a whole 2 days to create:  setting the scene, sculpting the plasticine penguin and painstakingly taking all the hundreds of photographs, whilst imperceptibly moving the character into various positions.  I won’t even mention the trouble I had putting it together, adding music and finally my logo.  Thank goodness iMovie is so user-friendly, or I would have been completely lost.

It was watching the Wallace & Gromit movies that inspired me to have a go at my own stop-frame animation, as well as a visit to the amazing Edinburgh Zoo where I fell in love with the adorable yet comical penguins.  Perhaps I’ll do a penguin sequel!