“Sometimes I Dream I am a Unicorn…” Artwork
February 28, 2012

Here is my latest submission to Threadless for their “Threadless Loves Weird” competition.  Since watching Despicable Me (fantastic movie by the way!) I have gained a sort of obsession for unicorns, so with unicorns on the brain I created this piece of fantasy artwork.  It was drawn by hand with 0.1 black fineliners, scanned to the computer and turned into a vector image.  Oh and then I coloured it in My-Little-Pony-esque pastel shades to complete a pretty, dreamy yet weird image.

You can also see my love of comic-book style sketches in there, although I tried not to exaggerate the lady’s figure to extreme proportions.  As in much of my other artwork, I have paid extra attention to the hair, giving it movement and unpredictability by concentrating on the definition of shadows and highlights.  I think my original sketch looked far better, but it is now sharper and easier to colour, so there are pros and cons both ways.  All in all I’m pleased with the result – plus it was fun to do!

You can see my Threadless design here.