Urban Reiver – Latest Creative Projects
January 28, 2012

Good morning design fans!  I’m actually starting to plan some T-shirt designs to submit to Threadless, so began experimenting a bit with fabric paint on some garments that I had lying around, just to get a bit creative!  Well, I ended up getting so into it that I think I would much prefer to do one off pieces; they are so unique and the charm of them is that the designs can never be replicated.  I suppose hand-painted garments are a project I will just have to keep for rainy days in the future, but it was great to play around with design, colour, scale and placement.

Hand-Painted Floral HoodieWith this garment I thought it would be nice to incorporate the hood into the design – so many hoodies just seem to have one large image plonked on the front and centralised (usually a number or slogan).  I decided on this one-sided, feminine illustration, created to give the illusion that the flowers and plants are physically growing, creeping up the fabric – funnily enough that was how the design evolved, as I did not work from any reference images and literally let the ideas in my head take over.

Once I’d finished I realised it would ruin the whole look to duplicate and mirror what I had done  (the original plan) onto the other side, so I left well alone!  I experimented extensively with the shading and colouring, using only 3 colours, but applying it in varying densities and with either a dip pen or brush.

The other garment I decorated was a plain long-sleeved top, on which I drew a sketchy, asymmetrically placed image of a wolf’s face.  The scale of this differed so much from the floral number, pretty much covering the entire front!  You can see the wolf design here or on my homepage slideshow.

It’s quite hard to imagine how a flat, 2 dimensional picture could look on a wearable item without trying it out…perhaps it could wrap around the body, if so would that distort it in unpleasant ways or cover strategic pieces of the design?  It’s all about visualisation and practical, straightforward thinking!

Hmm, I need to do this again sometime 🙂